195 Lewis

195 Lewis

5 Episodes

In this Gotham Award-winning series, a group of queer Black women in Brooklyn search for real polyamorous love and career fulfillment - both equally elusive - throughout this eloquent portrait of contemporary life. “Black, queer, filled with activists, artists and other producers of culture—that is what makes Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn what it is,” according to creator Chanelle Aponte Pearson. This is the backdrop to this web series, in which identity and polyamory are investigated honestly and freely.

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195 Lewis
  • Episode 001: The POP Party

    Episode 1

    Yuri is in the midst of raising money and balancing multiple relationships when Kris pops up in need of a place to stay.

  • Episode 002: The Morning After

    Episode 2

    While the new houseguest has Camille on edge about her position in Yuri’s life, Yuri relays her true feelings about her new girlfriend to Sierra at the studio.

  • Episode 003: Femme of Color Brunch

    Episode 3

    Anne uses Kris to crash the Femme of Color Brunch. Kris gets a crash course in sex-positivity.

  • Episode 004: Pussy Burnin

    Episode 4

    Anne’s ways are catching up with her, and Kris is confused by a conversation she overhears between Yuri and Harlem.

  • Episode 005: The Harlem Renaissance

    Episode 5

    On a night out, Sierra explains the five kinds of lesbians, and Yuri checks Kris about making assumptions about her relationships.