Be Here Nowish

Be Here Nowish

6 Episodes

The popular comedy series is back with a second season as Sam and Nina, two sexually progressive women, continue their search for spiritual growth, rewarding careers, and honest relationships.

Nina finally takes the plunge and moves to L.A., leaving her hairy past in New York in hopes of finally establishing a successful art career, but is side-tracked when Aurora (Karley Sciortino) pops back up seducing her once again. Meanwhile, Sam struggles to gain traction in her new spiritual guidance business and reinvigorate her love life. She crosses paths with the perfect man when her love life suddenly takes an unexpected turn.

Follow Sam and Nina as they explore the enlightened side of life through Spiritual Speed Dating, Tantric Twister, and Menstrual Art Performances, and more.

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Be Here Nowish
  • Episode 1: Clitoral Nirvana

    Episode 1

    Nina arrives from NYC to find Sam having let herself become full LA in yoga pants sipping juice. Nina convinces Sam to go out to a bar where chaos ensues and a bet is placed.

    Featuring: Kate Lyn Sheil (House of Cards), Ruby Warrington (The Numinous)

  • Episode 2: Spiritual Speed Dating

    Episode 2

    Nina and Sam go to a spiritual speed dating workshop where Nina reconnects with an ex (literally in the bathroom) and Sam strikes out with three dudes until she finds the special one, who seems to be breaking into her car.

    Featuring: Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear), Karley Sciortino (Slutever), David C...

  • Episode 3: Not So Perfect Date

    Episode 3

    Nina and Aurora go to a Family Constellation workshop where Aurora drops a bomb on Nina while Sam goes on a first date with Luke and learns something game changing.

    Featuring: Tom Lipinski (The Knick), Karley Sciortino (Slutever), David Call (Tiny Furniture, Gossip Girl), Ashlie Atkinson (Wolf o...

  • Episode 4: Tantric Twister

    Episode 4

    Sam has to face whether or not she can handle dating Luke while Nina dives head first into meeting Aurora's boyfriend at their Venice abode.

    Featuring: Baron Vaughn (Grace and Frankie) and Karley Sciortino (Slutever).

  • Episode 5: Trust Fall

    Episode 5

    Nina dives into working on her art and starting a new chapter while Sam tries to surrender to dating Luke her fears get the best of her and she enlists Nina's help at letting go.

  • Episode 6: Anything Can Happen

    Episode 6

    Sam gets the courage to try and make it work with Luke while Nina's art show goes from being a dream come true to a nightmare.