Episodic Series

  • 195 Lewis
    1 season

    195 Lewis

    1 season

    In this Gotham Award-winning series, a group of queer Black women in Brooklyn search for real polyamorous love and career fulfillment - both equally elusive - throughout this eloquent portrait of contemporary life. “Black, queer, filled with activists, artists and other producers of culture—that ...

  • These Thems

    1 season

    For your 2021 Emmy® consideration in the Short Form Comedy Series, Best Actor and Actress in a Short Form Series, Outfest Now proudly presents These Thems. This film festival favorite follows newly-out lesbian Gretchen (played by creator/writer Gretchen Wylder) as she navigates New York City’s qu...

  • Hidden Canyons

    In this Audience Award-winning episodic series fresh from Outfest Los Angeles '20, seven LGBTQ+ residents of a beachside community navigate infidelity, open relationships, family planning, race issues, and gender identity.

  • Dyke Central

    1 season

    Dyke Central is an Oakland-based dramedy that centers around 30-something butch roommates Alex and Gin. Surrounded by a diverse group of friends who guide, challenge and support them, Alex and Gin struggle to adapt to change and create balance in their lives without losing themselves.

  • Capitol Hill

    2 seasons

    Presented by BenDeLaCreme, Wes Hurley's Capitol Hill is a queer parody of (and an homage to) 1970s soap operas and crime shows with a pinch of supernatural horror. Gender-bending icon Waxie Moon stars as the young and naive Roses Smell who escapes to Seattle from the backwoods hellhole of Portlan...

  • Razor Tongue

    2 seasons

    A no-bullshit web series starring Rain Valdez, Sterling Jones and Alexandra Grey. Razor Tongue explores the complexities of finding a voice of self-love in a world filled with misogyny and discrimination. Razor Tongue deftly navigates the calling out—and the being called out. Whether sitting thro...

  • Old Show Queens

    1 season

    Gary Gunas and Billy Rosenfield, a couple for over 40 years, had front row seats for not only some of the biggest hits of the second half of the 20th century — but an insider’s view of what was going on backstage, too. A general manager and producer (who worked on shows including Dreamgirls, Woma...

  • Surfer's Paradise

    In this mind-bending, standalone sci-fi episodic special, a human is invited to live in the company of AI and struggles between divided loyalties.

  • Danny the Manny

    1 season

    In this sharp and wonderfully funny series from creator Mike Roma, a gay babysitter discovers the little boy he's watching likes to crossdress.

  • Dated
    1 season


    1 season

    An older gay man (Steve Chivers, @schivers100) tries online dating. During a pandemic. Is he stir crazy or just plain crazy?

  • Be Here Nowish

    1 season

    The popular comedy series is back with a second season as Sam and Nina, two sexually progressive women, continue their search for spiritual growth, rewarding careers, and honest relationships.

    Nina finally takes the plunge and moves to L.A., leaving her hairy past in New York in hopes of finally...

  • BAES Welcome

    1 season

    BAES Welcome, a comedic single-cam web series, follows the lives of two struggling lesbian filmmakers, Mara and Mary. These two millennials juggle their dwindling careers and lack of romance, as they make their way through adulthood and overcome financial hardship. It's hard not to feel and relat...