Shorts: Stand Up, Be Heard (Group)

Shorts: Stand Up, Be Heard (Group)

Queer people are no strangers when it comes to the battlefield of being seen and heard. With war paint splattered and ready, this rousing group of dynamic short films speak to the indefatigable spirit of queer folx in their relentless perseverance and majesty. Zeroing in on the frustrating realities of daily microaggressions and prejudices experienced by queer and trans people of color, these stories burn with the fire of characters fighting to simply be the authors of their own lives.

2 Dollars
Director: Robin Cloud
2020 | USA | 15m | English
As a Black, queer, masculine-of-center artist, Syd deals with daily slights from ignorant co-workers, an oblivious boss, and a killer workload.

Soy Sauce (Nuoc Tuong)
Director: Sarnt Utamachote
2020 | Germany | 5m | English
When the marriage between two men becomes mired in power struggles and condescension, a quirky means of political resistance becomes necessary.

Ni Aquí/Ni Allá (Nor Here Nor There)
Director: Ley Comas
2021 | USA, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica | 15m | Spanish
Centering on a conversation with their mother, filmmaker Ley Comas charts their struggle to find a middle ground between them and their family with respect to their gender identity.

Director: Heather Muriel Nguyen, Jake Villadolid
2019 | USA | 8m | English
As Thơ ventures into romance as a panromantic asexual/ace, her boyfriend Dylan pressures her to be both sexual and straight.

Valiente (Brave)
Director: Miguel Melo
2019 | USA | 9m | Spanish
Victor finds the courage to disclose his HIV status to his partner.

This Is the Way We Rise
Director: Ciara Lacy
2019 | USA | 12m | English, Native Hawaiian
A portrait of Jamaica Heolimeleikalani Osorio, a Kanaka Maoli wahine poet, activist, and academic, and her continued work towards justice for Hawaii’s native population.

God’s Daughter Dances (신의 딸은 춤을 춘다)
Director: Sungbin Byun
2021 | South Korea | 25m | Korean
Dancer Shin-mi, a trans woman in South Korea, gets a call from the Military Manpower Administration, to appear for military service examination.

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Shorts: Stand Up, Be Heard (Group)

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