Shorts: Surrealness (Group)

Shorts: Surrealness (Group)

Visually hypnotic and emotionally charged, this collection of short films weaves elements of the psychedelic with the otherworldly, resulting in luminous stories of LGBTQIA+ life that capture the unique, incandescent magic of what it means to be alive and queer today. Firing on all cylinders, these explosive narratives harness the singular powers of cinema to craft shorts that are transporting, mysterious, and illuminating — showing BIPOC queer life in a shimmering light like no other.

How to Die Young in Manila
Director: Petersen Vargas
2020 | Philippines | 12m | Filipino
A teenage boy follows a group of young hustlers, thinking one of them may be the anonymous hook-up he has arranged to meet for the night.

The Lights Are On, No One’s Home
Director: Faye Ruiz
2020 | USA | 10m | English
A woman wanders a maze of gentrified streets and the last memories of her time there as she searches for her childhood home.

Trips, Friends, Night & Destiny (Los viajes, los amigos, la noche y el destino)
Director: Gabriel Ordonez, Gabriel Marin
2019 | Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico | 9m | Spanish
Two strangers meet, and decide to spend an adventurous evening together.

To You My Love
Director: Olivia Margarita Gastaldo
2021 | USA | 5m | English
An investigation into the visual poetry of a love letter.

Silver Femme
Director: Nico Reano
2020 | USA | 4m | English
A digital ode to the moon; a poetic film that envisions a future and space where trans people are safe.

How to Raise a Black Boy
Director: Justice Jamal Jones
2020 | USA | 13m | English
Four Black boys disappear one night, as many Black boys do, and find themselves on a fantastical journey to break the curses of Black boyhood.

Unliveable (Inabitável)
Director: Matheus Farias, Enock Carvalho
2020 | Brazil | 20m | Portuguese
Marilene searches for her daughter Roberta, a trans woman who went missing. While running out of time, she discovers a hope for the future.

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Shorts: Surrealness (Group)

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