These Thems

These Thems

8 Episodes

For your 2021 Emmy® consideration in the Short Form Comedy Series, Best Actor and Actress in a Short Form Series, Outfest Now proudly presents These Thems. This film festival favorite follows newly-out lesbian Gretchen (played by creator/writer Gretchen Wylder) as she navigates New York City’s queer community with the help of nonbinary heartthrob Vero (Vico Ortiz), who is determined to train the straights. Vero’s best friend Asher (Shaan Dasani) navigates the possibility of being out at work as trans while dating Kevin (Nick Park), a cis gay man who is looking for love and messing it up.

Directed by Jett Garrison and produced by Sophia Clark, These Thems worked with an entirely LGBTQ+, POC, and/or female-identified crew. These Thems has won six film festival awards, including the AT&T Audience Award at Frameline 2020. For more information on the cast and creative team, visit

For Your Consideration in the following categories:
- Short Form Comedy, Drama or Variety Series - These Thems
- Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series - Gretchen Wylder
- Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series - Vico Ortiz

These Thems
  • Episode 1 | "Hi, I'm Dr. Butcher"

    Episode 1

    Confused as to why she gets nauseous during sex, Gretchen visits the gyno where she meets nonbinary dogwalker Vero, who has serious anxiety at the doctor’s office. Gretchen looks to her best friend Kevin for advice while Vero calls their bestie Asher for emotional support. We follow the very diff...

  • Episode 2 | "I can't be gay, I'm 30"

    Episode 2

    Gretchen and Kevin unpack Gretchen’s possible queerness and Kevin whisks her away to NYC’s oldest lesbian bar, Henrietta Hudson. Asher makes the decision not to out himself at work and meets up with Vero, who is newly committed to “training the straights,” at the same bar. Kevin flirts with Asher...

  • Episode 3 | "They is sexy, me is scared"

    Episode 3

    Gretchen gets schooled by Vero about the queer spectrum. Kevin and Asher go on a first date. Vero and Gretchen venture back to Henrietta Hudson’s in an effort to get Gretchen laid. She flirts and fails before meeting T.I., the hot DJ at the lesbian bar.

  • Episode 4 | "Thanks for coming out"

    Episode 4

    Gretchen and T.I. have a steamy first night together. Vero accidentally throws a party while Asher is house-sitting. Kevin comes to the party to meet Asher, where Asher reveals something he hadn’t disclosed before.

  • Episode 5 | “She is a they. Did I do that right?”

    Episode 5

    Gretchen and Kevin discuss Gretchen’s hookup. Kevin is confronted by Gretchen about his transphobia. The two meet up with Vero and Asher at a gender identity party that, unbenownst to them, is not nearly as queer as they thought.

  • Episode 6 | “Listen to my P*ssy”

    Episode 6

    Gretchen gives T.I. an unexpected visit only to find that they had company. Sobbing, she meets up with Vero at a pop-up queer burlesque class. Kevin educates himself on trans issues and Asher makes a decision about coming out at work. In the burlesque class, Gretchen reclaims her sexuality in a b...

  • Episode 7 | “I guess the Gay Agenda is real”

    Episode 7

    In the Season 1 finale, we see how our core four are navigating their week. Gretchen has… a LOT of sex. Vero plans for their new queer party at Three Dollar Bill in Bushwick. Kevin devises a way to win Asher back. Asher experiences what it’s like being out as trans at work. The four main characte...

  • These Thems Q&A with Creators & Cast

    Episode 8

    After you've finished watching season one of These Thems, check out this special Q&A moderated by Outfest Executive Director Damien S. Navarro featuring creator/lead actor Gretchen Wylder, actors Vico Ortiz, Shaan Dasani, and Nick Park, director Jett Garrison, and producer Sophia Estelle.